What is the rental process? We recommend using our Moodboard feature on our site. This helps you design your own event. Browse our inventory, reserve the desired items by selecting the date of your event, add the items to your rental list and checkout. Delivery can be calculated at checkout. Read through our contract and check the required boxes indicating you have read and understood our policies, then leave your deposit via our online shopping cart. A hard copy of the contract will be mailed to your billing address for signature. Return the contact via the return envelope. For all orders, whether being picked up by client or delivered to venue site by SWG, we will need the client or a representative to sign off the inventory when it arrives.


What kind of deposit is required? In order to secure the rental items, we require 50% of total rental amount in order to reserve the items, which is non-refundable. The remaining half is due two weeks prior to the event.


Is there a rental minimum? No. There is no rental minimum.


Do the dishes, flatware, serving platters, linens, etc. need to be cleaned or laundered before returning the items? We will deliver these items to you ready to go. We take care of the cleaning of the dinnerware, flatware, serving platters, etc for a small fee as some of our items are too delicate to be put through a dishwasher. You only have to rinse with water; we will do the rest.


What is the rental period? A typical rental period for an event is 24 hours.


Does Shipwrecked Goods Co. provide necessary permits for events? The client is responsible for obtaining any and all permits for their event.


What form of payment do you accept? To reserve online, we accept payment through Paypal. Checks are accepted but must be mailed. Credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, are accepted over the phone.

A credit card will need to be on file for incidentals/damage and the expiration date on the card must be later than the event date. The credit card authorization will be dropped (voided) when all the items are return undamaged. This information will be filed with the signed contract.


Can I make changes to my order? Of course! You can cancel items or add them to your order. If you wish to cancel an item, the 50% deposit for the cancelled item will be forfeited. When decreasing your order, we recommend that an exchange be made instead of a cancellation to avoid forfeiting the original deposit amount of the item you wish to remove from your order. For example: instead of cancelling a sofa rental at $300/event (forfeiting your $150 deposit), find other rental items of equal or greater value to exchange. Note: changes must be made no later than two weeks prior to the event and exchanges are subject to availability.


What if something I rented is damaged during my event? If an item is damaged while in your possession, we will charge the client 5 times the rental amount.


What if the item/items I rented arrived damaged? Upon arrival, the client will sign off on all items received. If an item is damaged upon arrival, please notify us immediately so we can rectify the situation. No refunds/remedies can be made if we are not notified directly.


Do you deliver? Yes, we deliver. A delivery fee will be included in your quote and will be calculated according to your location and the order amount. There is an order minimum of $500 for delivery/pickup.


What areas do you serve? We are based in San Luis Obispo, CA and serve all of California. Please contact us directly if you wish to discuss a location that is outside California.


Do you provide styling for events? At this time, the styling service is case by case. Please contact us shipwreckedgoods@gmail.com with your needs. We recommend contact a local wedding planner or wedding designer. A list of referrals are available upon request.


Will you work with my wedding coordinator/event planner/stylist? Of course! During the rental agreement paperwork process, please provide us with your coordinator’s information and we’ll be happy to work directly with them.


Can I pick up the items? Yes, you can certainly pick up and return the items during our normal business hours. Shipwrecked Goods Co. reserves the right to inspect the vehicles, tie-downs, etc. to insure the rental items arrive safe and undamaged.


Is set-up and tear down included in the rental price per item? Unfortunately, no. We do provide set-up for a fee and will depend on your event’s size and the amount of items rented. Please contact shipwreckedgoods@gmail.com for a quote.


My event is located outside. What happens if it rains or if there is other weather? We love our furniture and each piece is near and dear to us! While in the your care, the client is fully responsible for all rental items. We ask that if weather that can damage our items is predicted, the client is required to provide protection (ie, move the event indoors, provide tents, etc.) to avoid damage to the furniture/equipment. If weather that can cause damage appears unpredicted, we ask that the items be removed from the bad elements immediately and be protected. Adequate coverage and protection from the elements must be onsite. The items will not be delivered unless adequate coverage of items (to protect from the elements, sprinklers, condensation, etc.) is onsite and deemed appropriate by Shipwrecked Goods Co.


What kind of cleaning fee is required? There is no cleaning fee required for normal wear. However, if there is cleaning required (stains, blemishes, etc.) a fee of 40% of the rental price will be charged to the card on file for incidentals.


Can I view your inventory in person? Yes. This can be done by contacting us to make an appointment shipwreckedgoods@gmail.com.


What kind of custom design/items can you provide to make my event even more unique? Don’t see an item you’re specifically looking for? Have a unique idea and wonder if we can accommodate? Contact us and we’ll be happy to find what you’re looking for shipwreckedgoods@gmail.com.


Will you rent to photographers for the purposes of staging for photo shoots at a half-day/hourly price? Yes, depending on item availability and our normal busy season. Please contact us at shipwreckedgoods@gmail.com and we will be happy to work with you. Please include the items you would like to reserve and the date and time you wish to reserve them in your email.


Shop Policies: 

Pick up/Delivery options:

  • Please contact SWG directly for an appointment at our warehouse for pick up coordination.
  • Local delivery is available for an extra $10 and is only offered for locations from San Luis Obispo, CA to Nipomo, CA.

All sales are final and there are no returns. If you need any more information on the item, please do not hesitate to contact shipwreckedgoods@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or send more photos.


SHIPPING TERMS: Item is shipped via Greyhound Express. Greyhound has two methods of delivery available, depending on your shipping address. The customer can either pick up at the Greyhound station; or in some major cities, there is “station-door” shipping available. I will let you know which is available to you based on your address. All orders placed will be shipped out in approximately 3-5 business days and a waybill number (tracking number) will be sent to the customer for tracking purposes. Greyhound has an average estimated transit time of 10-14 business days for all packages and this can change based on space availability. If you need your item faster, I am willing to get a quote from UPS or Fed Ex, but with furniture, it’ll likely be 2x-3x more expensive.


CANCELLATION: We accept cancellations on vintage items only before the item ships. If the item has had a shipping label created, it is then up to the customer to return the item to our shop in the same condition they received it and at the customer’s expense and it must be returned to our shop within 10 days of receipt by customer.


AS-IS CONDITION: All vintage items are just that; they are used, they show that they have been loved through the years and that is what we love about them. Vintage items may show signs of wear, fading, stains, spots, tears, holes, etc. We do our best to show all angles of the item in our photos and our inspection videos. By placing an order, the customer is satisfied with the condition of the item and is indicating that they have reviewed all information in the listing, including but not limited to, the photos and inspection video (link found in listing). We want our customers to have as much detail as possible so they know what condition each piece is in before purchasing.




OTHER INFORMATION: The seller is not responsible for items that are lost/stolen. Please consider this when choosing your shipping location. For example, if you will not be available at time of delivery, please make arrangements for someone receive the item. We suggest this because these are large boxes and that may be conspicuous. Greyhound has a policy for items that are lost or damaged DURING shipment, but once the item is marked DELIVERED, the liability is transferred to the buyer.